About Gracy

Hey, I’m Gracy, an English blogger from the North of England. I am dedicated to striving for happiness and self-care throughout everything that I do in life after I experienced severe depression and anxiety in my early twenties. I am now a few years on and still trying to improve and work on myself so that I can be as happy as possible in my life. Therefore, this blog is to help people also find their inner peace and calm so that they can live as happily as possible in their long life.

A little bit more about me is that I work as a veterinary nurse in my town and I spend a lot of time going for long runs through the park because this helps me to regulate my mental health. I love going shopping with my friends and going to different cafes to eat various delicious desserts! My favourite would be a chocolate fudge cake warmed up with vanilla ice cream or custard! Omg yum! I live down the road from my family too so I go over a couple of times a week to catch up and have a giggle with my mum, our family is pretty close so I love going over and spending time with them, it’s a form of self-care for me.

GPUT isn’t just about mental health and self-care but I will also be helping with revision tips, yummy recipes, and workouts to spice up the blog and give you some light-hearted content for your day. I really enjoy cooking, my boyfriend is from Thailand so he always shows me how to make the most delicious dishes, there is nothing better than authentic Thai curry and although he’s taught me how to make it, there is nothing quite like him cooking it! In return, I make authentic English food like a steak and ale pie and fish and chips, and he absolutely loves it haha! Yes, it may not be 5-star quality but I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook.

So, if you want to live a happy life and also read about something new and interesting then GPUT has all that you need!

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the love and happiness you can get!