Graduation Ceremony: What to Expect

When you graduate, you get to walk across the stage, get your diploma, and celebrate your achievements. Then, your big celebration begins as you embark on your exciting life ahead! But what do you do before you walk across the stage? First, you have to figure out which ceremony to attend. If you’re not sure what type of ceremony your […]

What Can I Do Now to Prepare for The End of College?

There is a lot to do before college ends. You can make plans for the next stage of life, sort your graduation outfit, or get some work experience. Here are some ideas for using your time productively.

What To Do When Your Child Is Frustrated with Studies

You’ve just read your child’s final report card, and they are telling you that they are absolutely not happy with the grade they have received. They are saying that they feel like they are being cheated, or are being punished. You see that look of anger and resentment on their faces; they are not happy that they were given a […]